Download  E" 2.052 & "G" 4.027 & "H" 5.012 Indigo Control Board Firmware Revision

Common reasons for updating firmware include adding features to the Indigo Ice machine in lieu of changeing the control board. Please exercise caution if you attempt to update the firmware yourself, Manitowoc Ice & Beverage encourages the use of Certified Service Agents to install these updates to avoid down-time and problems.


Indigo Control Board and Firmware Management

E board    G board    H board

Current E, G, & H Indigo Control Board Firmware

Step One: Format a 2 GB (or less) USB flash drive according to Parts Service Communicator MII-070.

Step Two: Download and save the zip folder of Firmware from this website to your computer. Unzip the 9 needed files to a folder on your computer.

Step Three: Copy the 9 needed firmware files from your computer to USB flash drive. Do not place these 9 files into a folder on your flash drive as the ice machine will not look in a folder for its files.
  1. Main.hex
  2. ModTbl
  3. strings
  4. Maing.hex
  5. ModTblg
  6. stringsg
  7. Mainh.hex
  8. ModTblh
  9. stringsh
Step Four: Take USB flasdrive to an Indigo Ice Machine and update firmware through the USB port on the ice machine control board.

Download  Detailed instructions for upgrading Firmware for Indigo Icemachines 

Step 1:  You must use a formatted 2 GB or smaller Flash drive according to Service Communicator 

Caution:  Not following this procedure may impede the upgrade process.

Note:  The following instruction for Upgrading Firmware applies to upgrades for the Indigo E, G, and H Control boards.
E board    G Board    H Board
At a Windows Based Computer (PC)

Step 2: Download Firmware from website, to your computer.

Step 3: Insert 2 GB or Smaller Flash drive into computer and Format according to Parts and Service Communicator MII-070 (06/11)

Step 4: Open E&G Firmware Zip and then open the folder.

Do not change or rename the files as that will impede the upgrade process.
1. Copy the nine files and paste them onto your properly sized and formatted flash drive.
*Note: All revisions (for E, G & H Firmware) will be loaded onto one flash drive. The Indigo Ice Machine control board will automatically select and load the correct file from the flash drive.

Step 5: Remove Flash drive from computer (suggestion: mark flash drive with the firmware revision to identify at a later date.)

Step 6:  Go to Indigo ice machine and follow the below instructions for upgrading firmware.  

  1. Press menu on Indigo interface. 
  2. Scroll brackets down to Service and press the right arrow. 
  3. Scroll brackets down to USB setup and press the right arrow. 
  4. With the brackets around USB stick, press the right arrow. 
  5. Insure brackets are around Download Frm and press the right arrow. 
  6. Inser Flash Drive with loaded firmware into the USB port on the Indigo Control Board. 
  7. Press Check after the Flash Drive is inserted. 
  8. Wait for Completion (this may take up to 5-10 minutes).  **Caution, not following the instructions may impede upgrade process**.  While upgrading firmware:  DO NOT Disconnect power, DO NOT Remove Flash Drive, DO NOT press any of the Interface buttons.  (Once complete, the display goes back to the home screen and the control board green LED lights begin to flash again).  
  9. Remove flash drive and check firmware revision under machine information for proper loading, refer to Menu Navigation diagram. 
  10. Cycle Power (disconnect power and reapply power) to the ice machine. 
  11. Check for proper ice machine operation. 

Convotherm Software Updates

We are pleased to provide you the latest software updates of the Convotherm range.

Please just agree our terms and conditions of licence and use for using the software.

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Please note:

The particular software update for Convotherm 4 gas units has to be done by an authorised service partner (there are adjustment steps necessary).

Please ensure that only software which is suitable for the unit series is installed on your Convotherm unit. This software cannot be used for other unit types from the range. If this is disregarded, no liability will be assumed for malfunctions.

Convotherm Service manuals

This section is available for authorized service partner only.

Some files are protected with a password. If you need the password please get in contact with our After Sales Service:

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