Convotherm’s Cook&Chill revolutionizes Banqueting七月 2, 2018

Eglfing, Germany. Convotherm, a global brand of Welbilt, is revolutionizing the banqueting sector with innovative technology, reliability and user-friendly design. The Convotherm 4 Cook&Chill process offers operators best-in-class support to face the logistic challenges of large scale events.
The Sarrasani Trocadero Dinner-Variétheater in Dresden, Germany, combines fine dining with a variety
theater experience. Magician André Sarrasani presents a show based on different themes and top chef Mirko Reeh creates a five-course menu matching the theme. For Stefan Ficker, Sarrasani Catering Chef, the Convotherm 4 combi steamer is the perfect solution to optimize quality, work flow and labor cost, “The unique Cook&Chill process enables us to optimize work flow and prepare each course without stress.” A blast chiller and the Convotherm 4 regenerating function allow to prepare dishes in advance, finish them later and serve in no time. Stefan Ficker, “Each season, we prepare more than 20,000 meals consisting of an amuse-gueule, a soup, an intermediate and main course as well as dessert. A five-course meal for 400 guests served hot in 12 minutes – no problem with Convotherm’s combi steamers.

Perfect preparation with the Cook&Chill process
The components for the dishes are prepared during quieter work periods using the pre-cooking program of the combi steamer. Convotherm’s automatic quantity and product-based humidity regulation allows to produce large quantities at a consistently high level of quality. In a separate blast chiller, the precooked foods are then rapidly cooled to +3°C in order to stop the cooking process. This process protects nutrients and vitamins and retains the products’ taste and color.

More time to be creative
Cook&Chill with Convotherm 4 saves time that can now be channeled into the finishing touches and the creative presentation of the food. Depending on the size of the Convotherm 4 in use, the plate banquet trolleys can accommodate between 20 and 122 plates. The dishes can go in the cold storage room for up to 72 hours. When they are needed, they are rolled into the Convotherm 4 on the plate banquet trolley, and cooking is finished within eight minutes. A small number of personnel can creatively garnish and arrange the finished food at the serving station. Stefan Ficker, “The Convotherm 4 allows us to work in a well-planned and relaxed environment. The programs we require can easily be saved in the user interface. Convotherm 4 delivers the ultimate user experience.”

Practical accessories
If the plates are not directly served from the kitchen, the Convotherm thermal cover keeps food warm for up to 20 minutes. The thermal cover encloses the entire plate banquet trolley to prevent any heat from escaping and its innovative magnetic closure ensures cleanliness and hygiene. Another smart solution for operators are the fully automatic cleaning systems ConvoClean and ConvoClean+. Stefan Ficker, “It is an enormous relief when the kitchen unit cleans itself. And that’s exactly what the Convotherm 4 does. The cleaning program lasts 45 minutes and can run overnight without any problems.”

A video from the Sarrasani Trocadero Dinner-Variétheater can be found here.

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